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The Club


2024 - proudly celebrating 20 years in the UK

As clubs go, the Korthals Griffon Club of Great Britain (KGCGB) is rather like a big family, supporting fellow members through thick and thin.

The first modern-day Kennel Club registered Korthals Griffon landed on these shores in 2000, brought in by Mark Taylor (Radipole).  Others followed - but not too many - yet despite growing popularity over the years, the breed has remained on the Import Register.

The Korthals Griffon Club of Great Britain was formed by the owners of four imported Korthals Griffons in the UK and the breed, although popular in Europe at that time, was virtually unheard of in the UK.

But things change....

The Club now boasts over 100 members, a strong, friendly Committee, a dedicated Breed Rescue and Re-home Officer together with an exciting Calendar of Events.

About the Club

In September 2018 the Club launched "Griff Fest" - a fun day to celebrate the Korthals Griffon with something for everyone (and dogs).  It was such a hit it will now be an annual fixture!

There are different types of social events, training and competitions throughout the year, so there is something for everyone - we have a very inclusive approach.

Whether your dog competes, works or prefers to simply play, the Club is here to offer help, advice and support.


"Griff-Fest" 2018

The Club was granted Kennel Club recognition in 2008.  Clubs for breeds on the Imported Breed Register are referred to as 'provisional' and only become fully registered if the breed is transferred from the Imported Breed Register to the Breed Register.  However, despite nearly two decades in which the Korthals Griffon has achieved some notable successes in the field and show ring, the breed has remained on the Import Register.  The Club, determined to protect the Breed Standard of this remarkable dog, is working hard to see Korthals Griffons on the UK's Breed Register.

As a Club we actively promote good breeding practices and pedigree management of the Korthals Griffon in the UK.  Breed information and the Club's Annual Breed Health Survey (in collaboration with the Kennel Club) is accessible to members.  Help is also offered to members who might wish to source and import a Korthals Griffon puppy from the continent.

The Early Days

The owners of the first four imported Korthals Griffons in the UK decided to form a Club.  The founding dogs were:

  • December 2000 - Ryta de la Coipeane (owned by Mark Taylor)

  • March 2001 - Sybille de la Reote at Roclaire (owned by Sue Hanson)

  • August 2002 - Drago von der Hohen Ley, and his sister

  • August 2002 - Diva von den Hohen Ley

The Club's Inaugural meeting was held on Saturday 27th March 2004 at the Wracklesford Estate near Dorchester by kind permission of Mr. Christopher J R Pope.

This first meeting was preceded by a Spring Pointing Test as as the group photograph below shows it was well supported with 25 people present - ten of whom were appointed to the Committee.

Nearly two decades on, our best estimate suggests that there are around 400-500 of these hugely intelligent, indubitably hairy, robust HPRs in the UK.  Still numerically low maybe, but high in the attraction factor!

The Korthals Griffon is often referred to as the supreme gundog, bred specifically to be a versatile hunting dog.


Join Us

Whatever you want to do with your Korthals Griffon, whether it is working, hunting, competing or simply enjoying a funny, devoted and hugely loyal companion in your life, the Club is here to offer help, advice and support.

We are working hard to put a number of member benefits in different commercial sectors, and a series of different events to suit all tastes.

To apply for membership please download and complete the Membership Application Form which can be found by clicking the button below:



The Club currently has a Committee of eight, plus the Hon Secretary and the Hon Treasurer.  They meet at least four times a year and the AGM must be held before May 31st of each calendar year. 


The Club's current Constitution is available on the Downloads page.


Rachel's Korthal Griffon puppies 107.JPG

Club Secretary

Rachel Spencer

Sage headshot.JPG

Club Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Sallie Blair

Tony scragg retrieve.jpg

Club Chairman

Jon Tibble

Karen Morgan Dog.jpg

Club Rescue & Rehoming (National)

Dean Horsley


President:  Di Arrowsmith

Secretary & Breed Education Co-Ordinator:  Rachel Spencer

Treasurer & Membership:  Sallie Blair

  • Jon Tibble (Chair)

  • Dean Horsley (Vice-Chair)

  • Peter McCullough

  • Sarah Bixby

  • Maxine McCullough (Breed Health Co-ordinator)

  • Rachel Turner


Rescue & Rehome

For all UK registered

Korthals Griffons


There are occasions when we have dogs in need of rehoming, usually through no fault of their own, and we do everything we can to find them a suitable home

The Club is fortunate to have a highly experienced specialist looking after its rescue and rehoming work.  We appreciate that sometimes circumstances change so if you are seeking a new home for your Korthals Griffon please get in touch.

There is a tried and tested process for those needing to re-home their dog and for those wishing to adopt one.  The service is funded from donations and funds from those giving up and those receiving a dog.

To find out more you can contact the Club's Rescue Co-ordinator via email.  You can also request a 'Want to Adopt' form and, if eligible, you will be placed on our re-homing list of candidates.

Every effort is made to find the best match for both dog and new home.  Those wishing to give up their Korthals Griffon can discuss the situation with our Co-ordinator before starting the process by requesting a 'Surrender to Rescue' form.

We are a small breed club but we try our very best to help in all situations and are very lucky to have the support of club members and professionals.

We currently have Kipp (nearly 7 year old neutered male) who is looking for a new home.

For more information please click the link button below: 

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