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Kipp is looking for a new home

Kipp is a nearly seven year old neutered male Korthals Griffon with a great personality, immense loyalty and intelligence.  He is energetic and needs around two hours of exercise per day with 50% of that off the lead.  He loves being with people, especially the ones that he has bonded with, which takes a while at his speed. Kipp is house/crate trained and lives with a lovely family in East Sussex.

However, Kipp has several issues, separation anxiety, distressed and destructive if left alone, excited with other dogs so far as to hump them, will disappear if not kept on top of, hates the vets and has to be muzzled/sedated.

The owners have found that since having their first child, they do not have the time to keep up the training, exercise, program, needs and relationship that Kipp demands. They have thought long and hard over the last four months since first contacting me at Rescue, but feel that re-homing to someone who has more time to invest in Kipp would be the best solution for him.

Below are several images and I have a full appraisal of Kipp for anyone interested in taking on this lovely looking Korthals Griffon.

I would recommend that only experienced Korthals Griffon or HPR owners would be suitable.

If of interest please contact me at

Dean Horsley
Rescue Co-ordinator

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