For all UK registered Korthals Griffons

The Rescue Mechanism. This club offers a guide to the mechanisms the Korthals Griffon Club uses in its 'rescue' process for those 'giving up' their dog and for those wishing to 'adopt/re-home' one.

We have been fortunate in that all the Korthals Griffons' rescued so far have come from loving homes where circumstances have changed.

The rescue service the club offers is done on a voluntary basis to serve those Korthals Griffon who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances. The service is funded 'entirely' from donations and funds from those giving up and those receiving a dog.

* Please contact the clubs rescue co-ordinator by tapping the 'Contact Rescue' text above to send an email; or just contact any member of the clubs committee. And request a 'Want to Adopt' form and, if eligible, to be placed on our re-home list of candidates. Alternatively, those wishing to give up their Korthals Griffon must request the 'Surrender to Rescue' form. As a small breed club, we try our very best with the kind help & support of club members and professionals.

" Please donate if you would like to help dogs like me. "