A little history of the Korthals Griffon


…  Eduard Karel Korthals  ...


The Korthals Griffon is named after its breed developer Mr. Eduard Karel Korthals - from Holland. Leaving Holland, Korthals settled in Hesse, Germany; here he took over the management of ' Bibesheim Kennels' owned by the Prince of Solnes Braunfels. Its here he continued his breeding programme with seven Griffons of varying type.

In less than 20 years out of around 600 dogs bred, he kept just 62 examples. Working these selected dogs as true HPR's on various terrain and open country. His main objective was to produce a hardy, all terrain versatile hunting dog.

It was here, in Germany that he consolidated his programme into the breed we see here in the UK today.



" Eduard Korthals "

Korthals was awarded a 'special medal' by the Kaiser, for recognition and his success in breeding an all round hunt, point, retrieve sporting dog.


His work continued by him picking and choosing the best examples to train and breed with until his untimely death at the age of just 44. His friends and followers in France, Germany and Holland continued his breeding programme; they continue to do so 'today' via the registered breed clubs - as does this club in the United Kingdom.



" Le Capitaine Fracasse "



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