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↓ The Clubs 'Constitution' for all members



↓ The Clubs 'Code of Ethics' for all members



↓ The Clubs 'Breeders Code Of Best Practice' for all members



↓ The Clubs 'Representing the Club' for all members



↓ 'Representing the Club' members application form (place yourself on the list)



↓ 'Breeding for Health' - A Kennel Club general guide.



↓ 'Breeding from your dog' - A Kennel Club general guide.



↓ 'Bringing/Importing' pets into the UK - (DEFRA)



↓ 2012 Pets travel abroad - (DEFRA)



↓ A beginners guide to working tests - (KC)



↓ Nov. 1917 New Country Life article by Walter Dyer



↓ Breeding great dogs By Carmen L. Battaglia - 2008

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↓ Debunking the myth of the K Locus

(by courtesy of the American club, AWPGA)