About the Korthals Griffon Club GB

The British Korthals Griffon Club was formed in 2004 by a band of like minded individuals, the Club was then granted 'Kennel Club' recognition in 2008. The Club holds events and training days for its membership and these events and training days are also open to non members (for an additional small fee). We actively promote the training & utility of the Korthals Griffon as a versatile hunting dog, as it was breed to be. Our members also use their Korthals' for falconary, deer hunting, Pheasant & Duck hunting, CaniX, Agility and also in field trials, shows and exhibitions. The club is open to all - membership has its privileges.



The club sponsored and organised events are for training Hunt Point and Retrieve & Gundogs (including their owners). And includes days under professional tuition - from basic through novice on up, on land and in water, to get the best out of your dog & you. The Club also holds 'Spring Pointing Tests' for the Korthals and other HPR's offering help and assistance where necessary in their nurture and upkeep. We promote 'good breeding practices and pedigree management' of the Korthals here in the UK; breed information is accessable to members and to assist breeders along with information on the club's "annual" breed health survey (in collaboration with the Kennel Club). There is also help for potential new owners find a Korthals Griffon puppy and guide them through the early stages together with help on 'importing' an example from continental Europe.



The incorporation of the club in Dorset, 2004


Club members on the Christmas 2016 walk

"To Nurture, Protect and promote the
Korthals Griffon in the United Kingdom".